wildlife and tourist attraction.

The giant of Africa, Nigeria has become an untapped tourist paradise with long stretches of exotic beaches, high mountains, natural flowing water, well preserved traditions, natural beauty, culture, waterfalls, safari wildlife, historical heritage, conservation centres and game reserves for wildlife.

From the spiritual shines to the Yoruba Kingdom, the deltas, ancient cities of the North, the igbo’s nostalgic environments and among many beautiful and breathtaking sceneries; Nigeria leaves a breathtaking and memorable impact on its visitors.

Recent statistics shows that the wildlife and tourist attraction in the country generated lots of income for the economy in 1950; tourists visit to the country during that time was enormous with a record of about 25 million tourist arrival per year. In 2013, Three per cent of total employment and five per cent of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product was contributed by the wildlife and tourism sector of the Nigerian Economy.

Wildlife and tourist attraction contributed greatly to the growth and development of the Economy before focus shifted to the oil sector. It is so unfortunate and disheartening that the nation’s wildlife and tourist attraction sector has not been given adequate attention; the Nigerian government is oblivious of the great opportunities and effects that the tourist attraction and wildlife has on the Gross domestic product of the economy. If this sector is bestowed adequate priority, the economy of Nigeria is bound to experience a positive shift as the wildlife and tourist sector is capable of creating about three million jobs, the country’s dependence on oil revenue will be lessened and by 2023; the wildlife and tourist attraction would account for about 15 per cent of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product.

Wildlife and tourist attraction is one major sector in an economy that has global importance and as well is a major force in any economy. It is understood that tourism and wildlife is the fastest and largest growing economy with great relevance and support from the international community’s/ organizations of the world because of its great relevance and contribution to intermingling of culture and people, poverty alleviation and peace.

Nigeria, which is classified as a third world country is blessed with abundant human and natural resources, natural beauty, natural heritage, safari wildlife, great heritage which are all tourism potentials that tends to have an impact as well as improve the economy by creating jobs to assist in improving the standard of living of the population; through money generated from wildlife, games reserves, tourists arrivals from abroad is a source of internal revenue.

There is a diverse range of tourist attractions in Nigeria and we have taken the time to bring to you a few below:

  • Obudu Mountain Resort

Over the ocean level on the Oshie Ridge of the acclaimed Sankwala Mountains sits gloriously the Obudu Mountain Resort. The mild atmosphere, stunning perspectives, unspoiled peacefulness and excellent view has made this retreat one of the acclaimed visitors’ locales in Nigeria.

  • Coconut Beach

No spot recounts the narrative of the travel industry combined with history like Badagry. It has amazing and lovely sea sees, an ideal spot for unwinding. 20 miles before you get to the Republic of Benin lies Coconut shoreline, and it is encompassed by a great deal of coconut trees.

  • Bar Beach

On the off chance that you are searching for a shoreline without plants or even coconut trees, Lagos Bar Beach ought to be your goal. Found near the focal point of the grand Victoria Island and it is available to the general population. The cool wind from the sea and the sea side walk can be exciting. Not overlooking the intermittent gatherings and occasions that occur here.

  • The Ancient NOK settlement

Everywhere throughout the world, the artifacts from the Ancient Nok Settlement are found in exhibitions and galleries. This little archeologists’ shelter is situated in Jaba Local government. It was here that the Terracotta figurine was found on the planet.

  • New Afrika Shrine

When you have a craving for becoming mixed up in music from the unbelievable Fela’s family,the New Afrika Shrine is the place you should visit. This is the substitution of the first Shrine that was burned to the ground. An entrance fee of N500 is gathered. It is situated in Adeleye Street, Ikeja.

  • Kainji National Park

Kainji National Park was set up in1978 which has 3 distinct areas, the Borgu Game Reserve, the Zugurma Game Reserve and the Kainji Lake where fishing is denied. It is arranged in Kwara and Niger State.

  • Yankari National Park

In Bauchi State is the 2,244 km2 Yankari National Park; a home to wildlife life in the state’s South-Central part. It houses a ton of characteristic warm water springs and it is the one of West Africa’s eco-goals.

  • Millennium Park

The Millennium Park is the biggest open park in the capital city of Abuja. It is arranged in the Maitama locale. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom was the person who introduced the recreation center that has turned into children’s heaven and an unwinding safe house.

Economic contribution of Tourism.

  • Gross Domestic Product

The contribution of Tourism and wildlife can never be overemphasized. Making tourism and wildlife a priority will have a positive impact on the Gross Domestic Product of the economy. In 2012, tourism and wildlife impact contributed to Nigeria’s GDP at N676.8 billion; which is 1.8 of the total GDP and 7.4 per cent per annum from 2012 to 2023.

  • Economic contribution of tourism sector to investment.

Tourism and wildlife contributes to the revenue generated by the nation.  Nations of the world have begun to discover the monetary contribution of wildlife to the revenue of the country and as such have begun to invest in this tourism and wildlife sector to generate more revenue/ income for the nation. It also creates global awareness.

  • Foreign exchange

Wildlife and tourism attracts foreigners to visit new places with beauty sceneries, cultural heritage, wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls. This experience and sceneries tends to attract foreigners from other countries to Nigeria.

Others include:


Nigeria is a blessed country, overflowing with human and natural resources. The tourism, hospitality and wildlife sector should be properly invested into as there is great potential of huge returns that would go a long way in boosting the stamina of the Nigerian economy.


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